Family Learning Toolkit - Comic Strips, Interactive Magazines and Audio Books

Family Learning Toolkit - Comic Strips, Interactive Magazines and Audio Books

This Toolkit provides age-appropriate learning materials for family members of different age groups.

For children, there are 12 themed comic strips that introduce digital and climate literacy, for a young target group. The comics are themed, with the first 6 comics addressing issues related to online safety and our digital footprint, and the second 6 comics presenting scenarios related to climate change and our carbon footprint.

For teenagers, the toolkit provides a series of short explainer videos, self-help resources, games, and puzzles, all presented through an interactive digital magazine. The set of 12 magazines addresses 6 themes – 3 aimed at developing digital and media literacy – as research shows that young adults require media literacy training to counter the spread of disinformation through social media, and 3 to raise awareness of climate change.

For senior adult learners and grandparents in the family unit, there are 8 audiobooks that address 4 topics relating to digital competence and 4 which aim to raise climate and environmental awareness.

Family Learning Toolkit - Parents Handbook For Comics

Comic Strips

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